Press Release: APsystems and OSW Announce Global Distribution Agreement

JIAXING, China & SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–APsystems, the global leader in multi-platform solar MLPE technology, and OSW, Australian’s largest Solar Distributor, active globally, have announced a global distribution agreement, bringing APsystems’ technology and OSW’s One Simple Way philosophy and global distribution capability to markets around the world.

“Our core values and global capability are directly aligned with those of OSW, and we look forward to partnering with them to positively impact the solar market and bring more APsystems products to customers across Europe and the United States.”

Both companies cite powerful overlaps in values and purpose as reasons for the strategic alignment. APsystems strongly values innovation, evidenced in its microinverters, the most powerful multi-module microinverters in the world. OSW is likewise dedicated to bringing superior solar technology to its customers. Both firms also continue to expand globally; OSW has recently expanded its operations in Europe and the US with dedicated warehouses and offices in Poland, Munich, the Netherlands, and Texas. APsystems has a strong position in Europe with regional offices in Lyon, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands, and recently shifted its U.S. main office to Austin, Texas last year. The partnership agreement naturally covers Europe and the United States.

“Microinverters have gained strong traction in solar rooftop segments around the world. APsystems offers high quality solar microinverters with leading-edge technology,” said Anson Zhang, Co-founder and CEO at OSW. “Combined with their global product footprint, it was a natural partnership when we decided to include a microinverter brand in our portfolio.”

“OSW is known for empowering its customers with the best solar products in the industry,” said Olivier Jacques, APsystems President of global business units. “Our core values and global capability are directly aligned with those of OSW, and we look forward to partnering with them to positively impact the solar market and bring more APsystems products to customers across Europe and the United States.”

Leveraging a successful dual microinverter introduction last year with the DS3 series, a dedicated residential solar product, APsystems recently released its second generation of native 3-phase microinverters with the QT2, a powerful Quad microinverter for C&I applications. Both companies look forward to bringing these new products, and other APsystems innovations, to markets where OSW is expanding its growing presence.

APsystems and OSW are also committed to impacting climate change with high quality products that offer system-owners an electrical generation alternative, providing tangible, daily value in the form of pure solar energy at a lower overall cost and with zero emissions.

About OSW

OSW is the largest solar distributor in Australia, offering a wide range of solar products, including PV panels, inverters, EV chargers, solar storage options, racking, and components from leading solar innovators. We are listed among the top 500 privately listed companies and are recognized as one of Australia’s fastest growing top 100 companies. With six warehouses across Australia and expanding into the European market and other locations across the globe, including Poland, Munich, Texas, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, OSW is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and driving sustainability.

Understanding the importance of technology in improving their services, OSW has diversified its services to include Greendeal IT Software, Virtual Power Plants (VPP), power services, and financing. OSW, in conjunction with its subsidiaries Green Deal and Manta Energy, empowers customers on the journey of sustainability from the beginning to end.

OSW’s innovative and sustainable approach to business makes it an excellent choice for clients looking to embark on a solar energy project. By choosing OSW, clients can benefit from the company’s cutting-edge technologies, commitment to sustainability, and leadership in the industry. OSW’s expansion and investment in innovative solutions create opportunities for more sustainable energy generation. With OSW leading the way towards a sustainable future, the world can look forward to a brighter, cleaner, and greener tomorrow.

Free Training Webinars

If you’re a professional solar installer, you can take advantage of APsystems’ free webinar trainings! Expand upon your knowledge and capabilities by learning all about our product lines, installation, setup, benefits, features, customer accounts, site configuration, and troubleshooting on both the DS3 and QT2.

These two-part webinars will cover Microinverter Installation, ECU Gateway Setup & Commissioning, and EMA walkthrough. Each part is 1 hour long and takes place on consecutive days. It’s imperative that installers attend both days for complete system training.


DS3 – March 7
ECU-R/EMA – March 8

QT2 – March 14
ECU-C/ECU-R/EMA – March 15


DS3 – April 11
ECU-R/EMA – April 12

QT2 – April 18
ECU-C/ECU-R/EMA – April 19


DS3 – May 9
ECU-R/EMA – May 10

QT2 – May 23
ECU-C/ECU-R/EMA – May 24



Training is free for professional installers. Attendees will also receive 1 NABCEP CE credit for each APsystems webinar they attend. Be sure to sign up for both events of this 2-part series!

Get up close to the new QT2 at the 2023 NABCEP CE Conference & at other Shows

Come check out the new QT2 at the NABCEP CE Conference happening March 27-30 in St. Charles, Missouri. At Booth #72/76, we’ll be showcasing our four-in-one microinverter that is taking the commercial solar sector by storm. A Diamond Sponsor for this year’s conference, APsystems will also be part of a Round Table discussion, offer training opportunities, and host a happy hour event. We can’t wait to see all of you there!

APsystems set to exhibit at more shows in the next few weeks:
The APsystems team will also be hitting the road to share our solar technology and connect with others in the industry at RE+ in Northern CA on 3/28 and RE+ in Texas on 4/5.

The Power of Quad Microinverters for Commercial Rooftops

As part of Solar Power World’s 2023 Trends in Solar series, an article was recently published entitled, “Mightier microinverters can power 4 solar panels,” that highlights APsystems as the forerunner in making a four-in-one (quad) microinverter as early as 2014. In addition, the article features Jason Higginson, senior marketing director of APsystems, providing information on why microinverters are now ideal for commercial solar applications due to the quad design. In particular, quad microinverters reduce cost, speed up installation and produce more energy over the life of the system.

Click here to read the full article

QT2 Now Shipping!

The new QT2, a 3-Phase microinverter for C&I applications, connects to up to 4 PV modules, is rapid shutdown and UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliant and comes in 1728W (208V) and 1800W (480V) output models.

Why microinverters in commercial solar? As featured in the recent Solar Builder article “Making the case for microinverters in C&I solar,” QT2 microinverters offer built-in rapid shutdown, pairing with higher capacity PV modules, improved performance over string inverters under a variety of conditions, fewer potential points of failure, plug-and-play three-phase wiring, and are more cost-effective than ever.

A new cooling topology allows the QT2 to reach unprecedented levels of high efficiency power conversion, while embedded 2.4GHz ZigBee wireless communication provides high speed data transfer of production data. Solar installers can now offer their C&I customers all the benefits of MLPE in an easy-to-install, plug-and-play, native 3-Phase microinverter package.

Free Training Webinars for Professional Solar Installers

Attention Professional Solar Installers: APsystems is offering free webinar trainings for you in the month of February & March*. Learn everything you need to know about our product lines, installation, setup, benefits and features, customer accounts, site configuration and troubleshooting on both DS3 & QT2.

Whether you are attending training for DS3 or QT2, there will be 2 webinars for each: Part 1 on Microinverter Installation, and Part 2 on ECU Gateway Setup & Commissioning + EMA walkthrough. Each webinar is 1-hour long, and Parts 1 & 2 take place on consecutive days. It is important that installers attend both parts for complete system training. Tips and tricks for rapid installation as well as maximizing reliability and power production will be covered.

Learn more and register for training here.

*If February doesn’t work for you, these training webinars will take place again in March as well.

APsystems Exhibiting at Intersolar 2023

APsystems invites you to stop by booth #2051 at this year’s Intersolar trade show being held in Long Beach, California to view its latest and greatest solar microinverter products. On display will be the DS3, the most powerful dual-module microinverter in the world, and the QT2, our new four-module unit offering unprecedented power output in a native three-phase microinverter. Both product families save installers time and money, increasing your competitive advantage while helping your customers maximize their solar gains. We look forward to seeing you there!

QT2 Featured in Solar Builder Article

In its recent article entitled “Making the case for microinverters in C&I solar,” Solar Builder mentioned the new QT2 microinverter, APsystems’ commercial 3-phase product. The article describes the changing dynamics of using microinverters in commercial solar projects and how many of the past hang-ups and limitations no longer exist. In fact, microinverters now make more sense than string inverters + rapid shutdown systems in many applications.

Read full article here.

2022 North America Project of the Year Competition – WIN $1000

2022 was a great year for solar! We are excited to once again announce the APsystems Solar Project of the Year competition. We love to see the new and creative ways installers are putting APsystems’ advanced microinverter technology to work in markets across the country.

We look forward to your submissions!

APsystems invites you to nominate your North America projects for the 2022 Solar Project of the Year Awards.

Tell us about your very best project – what set it apart in terms of scale, design, power output, challenging conditions, or your creative application of APsystems microinverter technology.

We’d like you to submit the project details here, including a brief write-up about your best installation, or more – enter all the projects you like. Remember to include some high-res photographs and any close-ups showing our microinverters in action. Your project can be completed or still in process. Entries will be judged by our APsystems team.

We’ll be honoring top North America projects in both Residential and Commercial categories.

And we’ll announce the APsystems Solar Project of the Year Award winners early in the new year through announcements and promotions that will highlight your project and your company. APsystems is committed to helping you grow your solar business even as we grow ours, so this is a cross-promotion opportunity you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

The winner in each category will receive $1000.

Our contest last year generated great interest from installers and brought out some fantastic projects; you can see the winners here.

Now we’re excited to present this competition, highlighting the very best APsystems microinverter installations of 2022.

We have extended the deadline.  Submit your project entries here by January 31st 2022. Please read the terms and conditions before entering.

If you have any questions, please contact our marketing coordinator.

Thank you for your partnership and support, your friends at APsystems USA

Come and to see APsystems at Electricity Transformation Canada, October 26-28

Electricity Transformation Canada 2022, one of Canada’s largest PV convention, comes to Toronto on October, 26-28. APsystems is proud to partner with 4 key distributors on the showfloor & invites you to visit and view its latest innovative solar MLPE and ESS products.

Discover the newly released QT2, our four-module unit offering unprecedented power output in a three-phase microinverter, the DS3 serie, the most powerful dual-module microinverter series in the world, the dual-module Rapid Shutdown devices RSD-D and our 1st generation of APstorage power conversion systems for residential PV at the show. This is the first time that QT2 and APstorage solutions will be showcased in the Canadian market. Don’t miss it.

The second generation of APsystems’ best-selling 3-Phase quad microinverter, the QT2 is ideal for connecting with four high-capacity commercial PV modules from 450W to 600W. It offers Reactive Power Control (RPCfeatures and is UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliant for interactivity with grid operators. With high DC input current support up to 20A, the QT2 has been engineered to pair with the highest-power modules available in the market today, including the increasingly popular 182/210 cell panels.

APstorage introduces its 1st generation of smart Power Conversion Systems with the ELS-5K battery charger solution. Together with compatible low voltage batteries connected, it becomes the ideal AC coupling storage solution for residential PV applications. With automatic energy management features based on intelligent software and integrated monitoring, system owners can choose between back-up, self-consumption and peak valley time modes to secure critical loads during power outages and maximize energy savings for their houses. During the day, the microinverter photovoltaic system generates electricity to power the household load and can direct the excess of solar energy generated to charge the battery. At night, the storage system can discharge the battery to be used in the home depending on the consumption needs of the household. At the same time, the energy storage system provides backup functions, and can also supply power to the household in case of power grid cuts.

Come and find more details about the latest product offering from APsystems. We look forward to seeing you at Electricity Transformation Canada, 2022!

Date: October, 26-28, 2022
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario

APsystems’ Distributor:

Polaron Solar BOOTH: #415
Charge Solar BOOTH: #309
BayWa r.e. BOOTH: #215
Guillevin Greentech BOOTH: #131