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Certified APsystems installers can contact our Technical Services team for prompt and professional support with installation and monitoring setup. Training and support resources are also available in our document library.

Be aware of APsystems’ policy on self-installation. DIY installation is not recommended and homeowners should contact a licensed and certified solar installation professional to install APsystems equipment. See the policy for more details.



Before you install APsystems microinverters, you must attend our microinverter, ECU and EMA online training sessions to become APsystems certified. Installation training is for licensed installers only. Follow this link to sign up for a webinar; two training sessions are offered, and each session takes about one hour. Be sure to train new installers as they join your team.


End user system monitoring accounts require a licensed solar installer to create and configure them for the system owner. Licensed installers can contact APsystems Technical Services to register your company prior to installation if this is your first APsystems microinverter install. (You will not be able to set up your customers with a system-monitoring account unless you have registered your company prior to installation.)

Upon registration, you will receive EMA account information to monitor and adjust the settings of your installations. (Note: the installer registration process can take up to 24 hours.) See this page for installer registration information.  APsystems does not register homeowners or DIY installers for EMA accounts.

Once you have completed Training and Registration, move on to Step 3: Installation.


Remember: Only licensed and certified solar installation professionals should install APsystems equipment. APsystems does not support self-installation. See our policy for more details.

Helpful Hint: You can preconfigure your APsystems microinverter installation before you reach the job site. See our instructional video and take advantage of this time- and money-saving feature.

On the job site:

  • Install APsystems microinverters following the installation manual found in our online document library.
  • Set up the APsystems ECU and register the microinverters (if you haven’t preconfigured the system already) according to the ECU installation manual instructions.
  • Log in to view the status of your installations (see pg. 24 of the ECU installation manual found in the document library on our website).

Questions? Contact our support team at 1-844-666-7035 or by filling out the form at right.

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