Grow Community YC1000 Install

The APsystems YC1000 is the microinverter of choice for multi-family projects, offering solar payback for condo buyers and apartment renters alike.

In a solar financing coup, builders of Grow Community on Bainbridge Island, WA, have found groundbreaking ways to reap the power and rewards of solar investment on condos, apartments and townhomes – a great example for multifamily projects everywhere.

Project developer Asani chose APsystems microinverters for multiple installations in this award-winning, ultra-eco-friendly project. Read the whole story here.

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA
Installation date: Winter 2015
Designer/installer: A&R Solar
System output: 44kW
Microinverters: APsystems YC1000
No. of microinverters: 40
Other major system components (modules, rails): — SolarWorld modules, IronRidge racking