Bainbridge Island
Museum of Art

The acclaimed new art museum in downtown Bainbridge Island showcases the work of fine artists and craftspeople from around the Pacific Northwest. The distinctive LEED Gold building, located in the island’s prominent Gateway district near the ferry terminal, embodies forward thinking in aesthetics, sustainable construction and energy independence. Designers chose APsystems microinverters and Itek PV modules for the building’s large solar array, which will produce a peak 29 kW to power the museum.

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA
Installation Date: April 2013 (phase 1), October 2016 (phase 2)
Capacity: 29 kW
Module Type: iTek Energy 240W and 280W (100 modules total)
Microinverter: APsystems YC500A
No. of Microinverters: 50