Emeril Lagasse Kitchen House, Orlando, Florida

The nonprofit Edible Education Experience provides educational and community cooking instruction at the Emeril Lagasse Kitchen & Culinary Kitchen in Orlando, Fla.

The 3,500-sf facility includes four cooking stations for students at nearby Orlando Junior Academy, and an array of community groups and kids clubs.

APsystems teamed with leading distributors and installers to contribute solar technology to the project. A small array on the garden shed powers exterior lighting around the facility and 1,500-sf garden plots that surround the building.

The $1.2 million Kitchen House facility was built with support from, and named for, the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, established by the popular celebrity chef “to create opportunities to inspire, mentor and enable youth to reach their fullest potential through culinary, nutrition and arts education with a focus on life skills development.”

Name: Emeril Lagasse Kitchen House & Culinary Garden
Location: Orlando, Fla.
Installer: Superior Solar
System capacity: 2.3 kW
Inverter type: APsystems YC500 dual-module
No. of inverters: 4
Modules: 8x285W