Empowering Wellness: Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp’s Solar Contribution

Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp, winner of the APsystems 2023 Non-Profit Solar Project of the Year Award, installed a solar array at Wellness House in Yakima, Washington. This significantly reduced operational costs, allowing more resources to be allocated to its programs.

Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp:

  • With over 15 years of experience, they offer 100% financing for qualifying customers at competitive rates, making solar energy accessible.
  • APsystems DS3 microinverters were chosen for their exceptional performance and near real-time reporting capability.
  • President Gustavo Carvajal noted, “APsystems is an excellent solution for shade issues such as trees and obstructions.”
  • Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp has confidently relied on APsystems microinverters for residential and commercial solutions, with customers pleased with their performance, reliability, and service.

Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp’s partnership with APsystems has significantly reduced operational costs at Wellness House, ensuring exceptional performance, reliability, and service.

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Project: Wellness House
Location: Yakima, WA
Installer: Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp
System capacity (kw): 39.6KW
Microinverter: DS3