Waterfront Home, Edmonds, WA

The GSG residential installation by Forecast Solar was part of a massive remodel of an old waterfront home in Edmonds.

The new roof structure incorporated an offset gable that allowed three-fourths of the roof to face south. The owner cashed out an IRA to fund the project, and because it used Washington-made solar products, the financial benefits from his new PV system far outpaced his returns from the old IRA.

With only 82 percent solar exposure and challenging, intermittent shadows during peak hours, the project would not have been financially feasible without Blue Frog/APsystems microinverters.
The project recently completed its first-year production cycle with 6,838 kWh, over 1,000 kWh hours more than expected. The owners are elated.

Installer: Forecast Solar LLC, Bothell
Capacity: 6.6 kW
Microinverters: Blue Frog/APsystems YC500A
No. of microinverters: 14
Modules: itek Energy
No. of modules: 27