Spring Solar’s Immaculate Ground Mount

Nestled in Hooper, Utah, a forward-thinking homeowner sought to harness the power of solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. With ample land at their disposal and a long-standing desire for solar they tapped Spring Solar, a family-owned and operated business based in Salt Lake County. What resulted was a groundbreaking solar solution supported by the highest quality microinverters from APsystems. The ground-mount solar system, comprising 36 panels with a capacity of 14.94 kW, earned praise from APsystems for its by-the-book sticker map and for being one of the cleanest ground mounts ever seen.

Sam Yeager, owner of Spring Solar, lauded APsystems microinverters for their ease of installation, commissioning, and monitoring, providing homeowners with peace of mind and exceptional value.

Yeager compared APsystems microinverters favorably against competitors, noting their superior yield and ease of installation. “The installation process is very similar, slightly quicker than Enphase, but just as easy,” he remarked. “The 2 for 1 is the perfect ratio, and commissioning is the easiest part vs competitors. Takes literally less than 5 minutes.”

The homeowner echoed Yeager’s sentiments, expressing delight in the monitoring capabilities of the system. “We love the monitoring, love having the peace of mind in seeing that all of my panels are working properly from the convenience of my phone,” they remarked.

Project: Ground Mount
Location: Hooper, Utah
Installer: Spring Solar
System capacity (kw): 14.94 kW