APsystems EnergySage Rebate Form

This rebate for is offered by APsystems exclusively through EnergySage and only for system owners in the U.S. Please provide the following information to claim your rebate.


Rebate for EnergySage customers who purchase APsystems:
(1) $250 Rebate for a system installed with DS3 series microinverters.

Microinverter units must be installed and visible in the EMA portal to be eligible. System owner must fill out the Rebate Form within 90 days of system installation to be eligible.

1 rebate allowed per system owner.

Rebates may come in the form of electronic ACH payment, a printed check, or a gift card mailed to the system owner. APsystems may reach out for additional information after rebate request is submitted and installation is verified by APsystems.

Offer valid 11/1/2023 – 5/30/2024

Please contact us here with any questions.