YC600 residential array, Saskatchewan

Prairie Sun Solar installed this 7.04kW residential system in Regina, Saskatchewan. Twenty-two LG Neon 2 modules are supported by 11 powerful APsystems YC600 dual-module micrinverters. Prairie Sun Solar chose the APsystems YC600 as “an awesome product to work with as an installer, and the monitoring service after the installation is a fantastic too, to show off to customers.” The homeowners have now offset their power bill for the next 25 years with their new solar panels and increased their home’s value at the same time.

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Installation date: October 2018
Installer: Prairie Sun Solar
Number of modules: 22
Module brand/wattage: LG Neon 2 All Black 320W
Microinverter: APsystems YC600 dual-module microinverter
No. of microinverters: 11
System capacity (kw): 7.04kW